Board of Trustees Minutes
Submitted by Becky Hall
Present: Liz, Marcia, Jen, Becky, Sabrina, Amy, Linda, Jean
Meeting open at 7:05 pm via ZOOM
Secretary report: Minutes for October were emailed to trustees
Treasurer report: reports were emailed to trustees, bills paid and up to date, working on updating ADP
with accrual for PAID/UNAID SICK LEAVE
Director report: Take & Make crafts count as programs.
We are now using the Word Press Website.
Taking Christmas cards for nursing home residents this year.
Trustees are signed up and taking classes from NCLS.
Housekeeping: snow removal is all set up and taking down the picnic tables this month.
Old Business: Need to do Long Range Plan.
Next month’s meeting on 12/14 at 7pm will be advised first week in December if meeting via ZOOM,
please advise if you can attend, we will be working on the long-range plan. Jen will send out to trustee’s previous plan for review.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.