Dexter Free Library Long Range Plan


Mission Statement

The Dexter Free Library exists to provide quality service to the residents of Dexter, New York region in 

an open and non-judgmental environment with access to library materials in a variety of formats.


In June of 2022, the Library Director and the Board of Trustees of the Dexter Free Library began planning 

the process for the development of a new (5-year) long range plan. The planning process is part of our 

ongoing commitment of service to the community. Our goal is to identify and review community needs 

for library services, to evaluate present services and facilities in relation to these needs and identify 

improvements and new services that will fill these community needs.

The Long Range Plan Committee of Rebecca Hall, Treasurer and Kim Weston, Library Director and Liz 

Bourcy, Vice President met and identified the following objectives for the long range plan and propose 

that a survey was conducted to determine how these goals may be met and/or revised to better serve 

the public.

Our survey collection showed a gap in Teen and Elderly programs, as well as a limited selection of adult 

titles. We have determined that our hours fit the needs of our community through the survey we 


Our Goals for the Long Range Plan:

1. Provide more programming to teens in an environment that is convenient and user-friendly. – 

We will start offering teens programs such as Pokemon Go Club, Lego Club, Teen Hour and 

other programs to encourage teens to use the library. 

2. Provide more programming to the elderly in an environment that is convenient and 


– We will offer the elderly programs such as computer skills, coffee hour, knitting circles, and 

other programs to encourage the elderly to use the library.

3. We have determined we will cycle our adult selections more frequently to offer more choices. 

– Purchase more books and newer titles that patrons would like to read.


Recognizing that teens and the elderly need a safe and encouraging environment where they can learn 

and grow we hope to offer this to our community. We will review our plan annually and work together 

to continue offering programs, services and meeting the needs of all of our community.