To establish rules, procedures and best practices for the use of social media websites and social media resources for the Dexter Free Library. Social Media refers to community created content sites such as blogs, website, forums, wikis, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other content sharing sites. It includes:

  • Material created by the Dexter Free Library and maintained by library staff.
  • Material created by library staff on sites hosted and created by the library.
  • Material created on other social media sites when acting as a library employee.


  • The Library Director/Manager will be the managing authority. All social media accounts are created only with the permission of the Library Director/Library Manager. Similarly, changing the name, passwords, avatar, profile pictures and other settings to the social media accounts must be approved by the Library Director/Library Manager
  • All content is subject to being edited or deleted by the Library Director/Library Manager
  • If possible, each social media page should be linked to the Dexter Free Library’s official website.
  • All social media sites and content shall be monitored and updated as time allows by approved library staff. Daily monitoring of social media sites is expected in order to preserve the professionalism and integrity of the sites.

Staff Responsibilities:

When posting material and comments on social media, Dexter Free Library staff will:

  • Always conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity as an online representative of Dexter Free Library.
  • Identify themselves in all posts.
  • Comment, Like and Share pages and posts from member library and other community organizations.
  • Post from reliable sources and conduct proper research prior to posting.
  • Not represent any posting or statement as official policy unless it has been explicitly approved by the Library Director/Manager.
  • Observe and abide by all copyright, trademark, and service mark restrictions in posting materials;
  • Not make statements about patrons or post, transmit or otherwise disseminate confidential information.
  • Not conduct personal business or activities on library social media accounts.
  • Staff will not spend an inordinate amount of time on social media resources. This will be monitored by the Library Director/Manager or direct supervisor.
  • Library staff will not link materials from employee personal social media accounts to the Dexter Free Librarys social media accounts.

Appropriate Content for Staff to Post:

  • Notices of upcoming meetings, programs or events.
  • Information about system services, trends or technologies.
  • Promotion and reposts from credible related library affiliates.
  • Press releases.
  • Job postings.
  • Notices of program cancellations or service disruptions.
  • Training and educational opportunities open to the public.
  • Photos from events.
  • All other content must be approved by the Library Director/Manager.

Public Terms of Use

  • Public users should have no expectation of privacy in posting on Dexter Free Librarys sponsored social media sites.
  • Dexter Free Librarys social media resources may be considered public records.
  • By choosing to comment or post on the Dexter Free Library’s social media sites, public users agree to give Dexter Free Library permission to use the content of any posting without compensation or liability on part of Dexter Free Library.
  • Dexter Free Library reserves the right to delete posts that are of the following nature:
    • Users may not post comments, tags and images that impinge on anothers privacy or that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory. Violations include, but are not limited to:
      • Off-topic and/or disruptive posts.
      • Commercial promotions or spam.
      • Duplicated posts from the same individual.
      • Threatening language and personal attacks.
      • Private, personal information published without consent.
      • Obscene or libelous content.
      • Copyright infringement/plagiarized material.
      • Political advocacy.
      • Posts that violate laws or library policies.
    • Repeat offenders will be removed from Dexter Free Library social media resources.

Photos and Videos

Since Dexter Free Library is a public building, attendees at Dexter Free Library sponsored programs do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Photographs/video may be taken during any event. These photographs and videos may be posted on library maintained social media accounts or included in press releases.

An announcement will be made at each event that staff will be taking photos/video: “Programs, events, and classes may be photographed or videoed for promotional purposes. Please notify Dexter Free Library staff if you prefer not to be photographed.

Reporting Violations:

Library staff and users may report violations of this policy to the Library Director/Library Manager.

Any user who feels they have been unfairly banned from the Dexter Free Library’s social media resources may file an appeal in writing with the library board. Appeals will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of the board provided the appeal has been received seven days prior to the meeting.

Disclaimer: The Dexter Free Library is not responsible or liable for the content of postings by third parties on any Dexter Free Library sponsored social media site. Postings do not reflect the opinions or positions of the Dexter Free Library, its employees or its board of trustees.