1. Electrical Failure Emergencies
  1. Flashlights are located at circulation desk.
  2. Assist all users in exiting the building.
  3. Determine if electrical failure is widespread or localized in the library building.
  4. The main electrical panel is next to the main entrance.
  5. Call authorities to determine extent of duration of electrical failure.
  6. Notify the Library Director and the Board President.
  1. Fire Emergencies
  1. Call Fire Department at 911.
  2. Make sure everyone has left the building.
  3. In the case of small fires, use the fire extinguisher.
  4. Close all windows and doors if possible.
  5. Leave the building and notify the Library Director and Board President.
  1. Health and Accident Emergencies
  1. For an emergency that needs more than the first aid kit, call 911.
  2. Do not move an injured person who has had a bad fall or is unconscious.
  3. The injured party and/or the library employee should immediately complete and Accident Report Form.  The library employee must also complete a Worker’s Compensation Form.  The Library Director should notify the proper authority who retains the liability insurance.
  1. Weather Emergencies
  1. In case of threatening weather condition, notify the Library Director who will determine if a State of Emergency has been declared and if the Library will remain open.
  2. If a determination has been made to close the Library:
    • Notify users and staff in the building
    • Place a notice on the front door
    • Follow usual closing procedures
    • Follow instruction from the local authorities