1. Borrowing Privileges

In order to provide borrowing privileges, we must obtain certain information about our users, such as full name, current address, phone number and/or e-mail address. 

The Dexter Free Library never uses or shares the personally identifying information provided to us in ways unrelated to library business.  Our goal is to collect and retain only the information we need to provide library-related services.  The Dexter Free Library strives to keep all personally identifying information confidential and does not sell, license, or disclose personal information without consent unless compelled to do so under the law.

  • All patrons must provide proof of current address before they will be allowed to borrow any library materials. Proof of address has to be a photo ID.
  • Any resident of New York State may become a registered patron at no charge.
  • Children under 14 must have a parent permission to become a patron.
  • Users must be a registered patron in good standing to check out materials. A patron in good standing cannot have more than three items overdue at any NCLS library.
  • Library cards are good for 1 year and will then be subject to renewal upon verification of address.
  • Replacement cards: The first replacement is free, cards issued after that will cost$1.00. Library card replacement is at the discretion of the library manager.

2. Limit of Items

  • Patrons may have as many as 20 items.
  • Patrons may have 3 movie DVDs at a time.
  • All items (except movie DVDs and New Books) have a loan period of 2 weeks. Movie DVDs and New Books have a loan period of one week and may not be renewed.
  • The library reserves the right to adjust the number if items circulated to an individual by subject, format or other criterion, as may be deemed appropriate in specific instances.

3. Renewal of Loaned Items
a.  Books may be renewed 2 times.  
b.  Overdue items may not be renewed.
c.  Any items that are reserved by another patron cannot be renewed.
d.  DVDs cannot be renewed.

4. Reserve Policy
a. Any circulating item the library owns may be reserved by library patrons.
b. Patrons must pick up reserved item within 5 open library days after being notified.
c. Failure to pick up item will result in the reserve request being removed and item being placed back into circulation.

5. Overdue Items

a. Patrons who have 3 or more items overdue will have their borrowing and computer  use privileges restricted until all materials are returned.
b. Patrons will be notified of overdue items after 2 weeks.
c. No overdue fines will be imposed at this library on any library holdings.

6. Lost or Damaged Materials
a. If an item is overdue more than one month, it is considered lost and the replacement cost must be paid.

b. If an item is damaged, the patron must pay the replacement cost for the item and may keep the damaged item.

7. Interlibrary Loan
a. The library will request materials that are not owned by this library through the North Country Library System.
b. Patrons must be in good standing to use the Interlibrary Loan Service.
c. There is no fee for ILL unless an item must be obtained from outside  NCLS. In such a case, the patron will be asked whether or not they are willing to pay a  fee to borrow the item.  The lender sets the fee amount.

Said patron will be notified of the fee and asked if they wish to pay the fee.

If the answer is yes, payment will need to be received by the Dexter Free Library no later than one week from the date of acknowledgement.  Upon receipt of payment the material will be shipped.

f.   ILL materials may be renewed pending permission from the lender.