Board of Trustees meeting minutes for 1/13/2020

Present: Jen Thomas, Library Director, Rebecca Hall, Liz Bourcy, and Linda Carroll

Absent: Sabrina Dettmer, Jean Butler, Marcia Schryver, Cathy Pitkin and Amy Kenney

Meeting Called to order at 7:03 pm

Treasurer Report: reports were looked over and will be sent via email this month for 2019 final totals.  Budget has been started and will be provided to the board by 1/31/2020.  Annual report online is not open yet but data is being collected for entry by 1/31/2020.  Barb’s minimum wage increase was noted via email to stay current with state requirements.

Secretary report: November minutes were sent in December for review.

Director’s report was presented by Jen Thomas.

Old Business: Becky will send information to NCLS lawyers and ask for review on Cullen’s land proposal.

New Business: gathering new fundraising ideas for Spring, Summer and Fall

Next meeting 2/10/2020

Meeting adjourned at 7:24pm

The Board held an Executive session.

Submitted Rebecca Hall 1/14/2020